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With more than two decades of experience, Adib Azmay Pars company is one of the successful companies in field of importing laboratory equipment.
The company, by using capable specialists, interact with top companies in the field of importing laboratory devices around the world (Kern including America (usa) Dickey-John and German Kern) and maintain continuous communication with customers, managed to supply customer needs in the areas of agriculture, animal sciences, flour and so on.
America s Dickey John company has created a revolution in the electronics industry for more than four decades and has expertise in the fields of engineering and instrumentation. All devices made by company has America federal standard, CE, and ISO 9001:2008.
German Kern company has over 170 years experience in producing the most accurate and most sensitive scales in the world. The company manufacture easy use analytical and digital scales with wide range of measurement and known as one of the most accurate and reliable scales brand, All products are licensed under the 9001:2008 ISO and CE requirements.
It is worth mentioning after-sales service and support for all devices carried out by experienced staff of the company.
We are proud to supply customer needs by offering products with the words highest standards.

CEO: Shahram Dashtizadeh

Sales Manager: Leila Tahmasebi

Finance and Administration Manager : Amanallah Oryad

Director of Services and Support: Vahid Halali

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